When Ealing Council could not provide satisfactory care to my mum and, in fact, they insisted in wanting to deport a lonely 90 years old woman back to Italy, the European Commission in London and all other offices DID NOTHING to help me or her. Hence, what is the point for UK to stay in the EU? The EU on this occasion, and many others, failed to assist a European citizen. My mum died two years later and the EU sent to me their condolences.

Ealing Council is now “providing care” to my 85 years old neighbour. Two years later nothing has changed. My neighbour is not happy with the care received from women that wear a burka, don’t speak her language or English, don’t understand her needs, don’t respect her culture and that simply refuse to touch the food she likes because it is not halal or because it is pork (ham, for example).

Two wrongs don’t make a right and while there are some instances where Brexit could be a good idea, I doubt that Councils will improve even under UK governing its own Country.

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