Bins means trouble

The new wheelie bins have been rolled out throughout the borough and Ealing’s Councillors say they have been inundated with a variety of complaints. Residents haven’t received any bins, others have been left with the wrong size and some in flats have been given too many.

The problems are thought to have been aggravated with the bank holiday – collection wasn’t a day later as usual to facilitate the switchover, but many people didn’t realise and rubbish was left out.

Conservative group leader and Hanger Hill representative, Councillor Gregory Stafford, says: ” As expected the introduction of the Labour Council’s unwanted wheelie bins has been a shambles. Over a thousand bins have been wrongly delivered or not delivered at all and complaints are rising.”

Northfield ward Conservative Councillor, David Millican, says he has had scores of angry people contacting him: ” Many have called the bins “monstrosities” saying they did not realise the bins were so large.  Others said the bin will fill up their front gardens. I spoke with one elderly lady who was almost in tears as she would have to dig up plants in her front garden to make way for the bins. Most people phone the council and just want to talk to somebody but can’t.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Gary Malcolm, has described it as a fiasco and says: “Heads must roll. The politician in charge needs to resign. At last count 122 people have contacted me to complain about the new wheelie bins. They are too big, they delivered the wrong type, many people do not have room for the wheelie bins and some (including myself) have seen their household and recyclables left uncollected for at least two weeks. There were reports today of sets of bins not being able to be closed properly which means foxes will get inside them. Labour-run Ealing Council should apologise to all residents for their failures.”

In the meantime….      Ealing Bins

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