More information will be published

I will soon post more documents but the fact remains that Mr. Day has cherry-picked words, paragraphs, and statements from individually desired resources to suit his ‘confirmation bias’.

A ‘confirmation bias’ is a term psychologists employ to describe an individual who denies facts even when contradicting evidence is provided. This means that when an individual creates a “truth” in their own eyes/head no other evidence can prove him wrong. He is convinced of his own fantasy and will “cherry-pick” whatever random facts or partial statements to prove his fantasy. He will remain stubbornly fixed on his ideas. He will deny, deny, deny at any cost.

If this stubborn belief prolongs it becomes known as psychotic neurosis.

One thought on “More information will be published

  1. This information rings so true with my experience of Ealing. They fear for their reputations and I think it is because of this and quite incorrectly they will deny anything that does not fit in with their ideas of how things should be.

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