Council Committees are a Farce

One of the most hideous, contested and out of character building in the whole of Hanwell District, has been given approval to raise the high of the office building by two extra floors. Ot the same proposal, the owners are also allowed to construct an extra building in the existing car park.

All residents are very upset on such an approval to this unsightly construction, understandably so, as per images enclosed. No privacy, no sunlight, imposing ugliness in one’s own back garden.

While Boundary House can be seen as far as Wembley, M4 flyover and Northolt, the office building, next to Boundary House, in the Borough of Hounslow, blends well within the height of residential homes.

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The theatrical performance held during the meeting by the Chair (Councillor Shital Manro, North Greenford) and all Councillors, was carefully rehearsed and prepared prior to the meeting.

Readers must understand that during these meetings any objections are futile as decisions have already been taken. This is all part, maybe to the untrained eye, of a theatrical performance that the Committee has been performing for many years and during many similar meetings.

Worth observing that the demolition of an Art Deco building at West Ealing and new large block of flats (with no underground car parking but with CPZ implementation) in Perivale, were also approved.

While guarantees by Ealing Planning office have been given that the new extra floors will not affect the structural integrity of the building, we certainly don’t know for sure if subsidence, and the building being shaken by passing trains, will tolerate the weight of the extra floors. No comments were raised on the possible ‘asbestos fumes’ that construction might release.

Just a small reminder to readers.  All Borough residents pay yearly Council tax and Councillors should look after the interests and concerns of all residents. On the basis of “Divide et Impera” (and that goes for many other Council policies too), keeping residents divided serve the purpose of the Council and those that wish to speculate and not, on the long run, looking after the residents’ best  interests.

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