Noise Pollution – Bank Holidays

No noisy work on Sundays or Bank Holidays

The above are the general guidelines set by Gov.Uk in collaboration with local Councils. So why is Ealing Council operating wheelie bins collection on Bank Holidays?


  • Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said the council did extensive research but did not formally consult residents because the change was essential in achieving a recycling rate of 50% of household waste by 2018.

Currently it stands at 45%, short of the 50% promised in the council’s manifesto, and he added there will be a chance for residents to request smaller bins.

[This is a 2005 Act – Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 – what have London Councils done in 11 years??]

Councillor Mahfouz said: “Wheelie bins will make it easier for people to recycle more meaning less waste will be sent to landfill, and they will also keep our streets cleaner by cutting down on the number of black bags ripped open by foxes.

[The problem are NOT the foxes but lazy and somewhat stupid residents that don’t care and don’t know how and when to dispose of rubbish]

“And because wheelie bins will be collected on alternate weeks, residents will see fewer trucks on the road, meaning less pollution and congestion on local streets.”

[A study carried out by environment and energy authority as given newspapers the following headlines: “Nearly 9,500 people die each year in London because of air pollution”. Congestion and pollution is caused by Local authorities that care more in making money (milking motorists) by closing roads thna actually doing something pro-active to get traffic moving]


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