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Wheelie bins have now been delivered throughout the Borough. This is despite some 7,000 people signed a petition against the changes. The majority of residents don’t want them – they are ugly, noisy and take away a lot of space. As per Ealing Housing and Road policies, this is yet another waste of public money. The company making the bins is laughing all the way to the bank.


[November 26th 2015]  EalingToday.co.uk

Conservative Councillors in Northfields are warning residents that they may have to alter their properties to accommodate wheelie bins which are to be introduced borough wide next year.

In their local leaflet ‘intouch’ they say council officers told them that it was the responsibility of residents to ensure they can store the bins – even if that means knocking down walls or removing shrubs and trees.

The information came after Councillors Millican, Mullins and Conti went on a walkabout with the officers and visited various roads including Belsize Ave, near Northfields Station. There they saw houses that would not be able to accommodate the wheelie bins without adapting their front gardens, unless the wheelie bins were left directly in front of the front doors.

Officers also apparently confirmed that legal action could be taken if the bins were left on the pavement.

The news will cause anger – this year 7,000 people signed a petition against the changes.

In Brentford the recent introduction of the new collection service has led to protests outside the Council Leader’s house.

Ealing Council plan to introduce the alternate collections and wheelie bins in late Spring and are currently assessing properties which are not suitable for a wheelie bin and say they will provide the same service offered to homes on red routes.

They say if any waste (contained or otherwise) is left unauthorised on the pavement, action can be taken. However they claim that they want to ‘ work closely with residents before, during and after service roll out to prevent any need for this’. Residents can store wheelie bins in their front gardens if they wish to.

An Ealing Council spokesperson added:

”Wheelie bin collections have been successfully introduced in many parts of London, making it easier to recycle. We have carried out a survey of all homes in the borough and the majority of homes will be able to store wheelie bins. We will be writing to people early next year to let them know what their collection service will be and help will be at hand for people who need further advice.”

2 thoughts on “Wheelie bins

  1. Does anyone which law compels Ealing residents (and taxpayers) to alter their properties to accommodate wheelie bins? They also say we are responsible for safeguarding them.
    Oh yeah? I say “See you in court.”

  2. Not a coincidence that this blog is called “Vicious Ealing Council”. With high unemployment where would the management (at £110,000+ per annum salaries) find a job? Those working for them spend years in assessments (so that they can hold to their job/chair too) while mostly implementing costly, inefficient and a waste of time/money proposals. As it happens, work carried out 2 or 3 years ago, are now changed as found to be ineffective or futile. Yes, taxpayers money spent on public services that were not needed in the first place.

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