Ealing Elections

Robert Cialdini, Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, published his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” in 1984.

One of his six Principles of Influence is known as: Reciprocity.

As humans, we generally aim to return favours and treat others as they treat us. According to the idea of reciprocity, this can lead us to feel obliged to offer concessions or discounts to others if they have offered them to us. This is because (applies to most) we’re uncomfortable with feeling indebted to them.

From 21 years I lived in the Borough of Richmond and Dr. Vince Cable was my local MP. For many different reasons I can assert that Dr. Cable is a great man and one of integrity.

1 a Cable 1

“A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society [B. R. Ambedkar]”; an interesting quote from this Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.

The opposite of great man and one of integrity can be said about Mr. V. Sharma MP (Labour) and Mr. Jon Ball (Liberal Democrats) councillor.  Two individuals that see a career in politics as a mean to facilitate own personal objectives while achieve little and delude most of the constituents.

Mr. Sharma has been re-elected in Southall but that this is of no surprise to an area which is prevailing non-white.


I have had the pleasure to meet Mr. Pound and, admittedly, even if directly he is not my MP, I must state that he, at least, has replied to my emails and letters in the past (when I sought assistance). Probably 26’000 well deserved votes.

elec2North Ealing

The distribution of votes for the Ealing Central and Acton Parliamentary area looked more diverse than the other two areas with a considerable amount of residents voting for Conservatives. In fact, here, Labour has won only by 274 votes.


I do not follow one singular party although, admittedly, I have my own personal preference between right and left. With a certain respect for Vince Cable, I have voted for the Liberal Democrats and supported them on many occasions. However, having considered the no commitment from Mr. Jon Ball (and also other Liberal Democrats councillors in Ealing), to help and resolve any local issues, on this occasion I didn’t back any of the Liberal Democrats.

As a matter of fact, in the Borough of Ealing the Green Party received 5’483 votes, UKIP came top with 7’617 and the Liberal Democrats became second with 6’231 votes.

On Facebook there is a group called Sad-Ealing. Many posts on other Facebook Pages and other internet sites generally show discontent on how Ealing Council (please allow me to add Hounslow Borough – Labour too) are “serving” the Borough (and they have been doing so for a while). Discontent includes national health (including one of the worse hospital in the Country – Ealing Hospital) – very poor Social Care – very poor Refuse Services – high crime –  bad management within the Council (autocratic policies – waste of money) – and corruption within Ealing MPs and Directors.

Maternity ward is already closing at Ealing Hospital and it will probably not be long when the whole hospital will shut down so that more houses can be built in the area.

Without a doubt, complaints from local residents will be raised by many in the next few years. You had your chance to bring some positive changes to the Borough of Ealing – no point complaining if there is no courage to embrace changes.


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