May 2015 Elections – Mr Jon Ball

Election Time, and it is like seeing garden sun-kinks emerging from no-where, attracted by the sun. For the rest of the year we hardly see them or hear them; interesting that ‘parties’ are now looking for our support, they wish to have our vote.

My simple question to Mr. Jon Ball is: Where were you for 26 months when I needed you? How come you never had the decency to acknowledge or reply to my emails?

My vote has always gone to those individuals that can make a difference and strive to defend the integrity of their mandate. For this reason, since 1983, I have always supported Mr. Vince Cable (a truly unique gentleman).

Voting, in my opinion has little to do with (promised) policies, but it has mostly to do with persons of high standards that show competence and ability in their responsibilities. A red cross will be applied by me to the names of Jon Ball (Parliamentary Candidate ?) and Virendra Sharma as the most ineffective people in politics; they look after their own interests without considering the need of the constituents.

No vote from me for Labour as we have had enough corruption, cut-backs and second-rate services for far too long from Ealing Council + a local Member of Parliament that “hides” behind a ‘title’ without doing his job. And no vote for the Lib-Dems as they need more of a “Ball” to gain public’s confidence.

Ball J 001

There can be no whitewash… ?

Ealing Council have inflicted absolute hell on my mother and I for just over 24 months. My mother only wish was to die at home with dignity and respect.
She died at home; however even her basic fundamental rights to earn a glimpse of dignity, satisfaction and contentment, in her final years of life, were harshly and ruthlessly crushed by all concerned (Ealing Council, councillors, MPs, EU Commission etc.).
Some eleven months later, the EU commission has finally sent a reply to one of my letters. Correctly so, they mention my distress, but what is now haunting me, is the plain fact that my mother has endured the tantalising prospect of months of abuse, neglect and alienation on the hands of Ealing Council social services. Twenty-four months of my life that, even with my 24/7 supervision, were unable to bring to her serenity as I was too busy and preoccupied to seek help, honesty and clarity from all concerned.