Failure by the Local Government Ombudsman (Mrs. Jane Martin) to assist those in serious need.

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On 13th February 2013, the following letter was sent to Mrs. Jane Martin, one of the Directors at the LGO. Needless to say that the letter was never acknowledged and no reply was ever received. On the LGO website there is also a complaint form. This was filled in 3 weeks ago, to no avail.

Why is there such a failure to respond and aid those very individuals for which these  authorities and institutions were originally created?

Is it a Russian roulette where only a few get lucky?

Is it all so farsical that only a few chosen one get support?



Dr.Jane Martin
Local Government Ombudsman’s office
10th Floor
Millbank Tower

13th February 2013
Your ref: 12 014 288

special delivery
Dear Dr. Martin

Following exchange of correspondence with your offices with reference to complaints against Ealing Council Adult Social Care Services, we have received an official acknowledgement from Ealing Council with their letter of 29/11/2012 (enclosed).

Issues were to be addressed by Ealing Council on or before 21/12/2012. This has actually never happened and Mrs. Hunter letter of 28/01/2013, pointing to resolutions discussed and addressed, is simply a false statement.

Comments made by an officer of your team, Mr. Andrew Hobley: “Thank you for your email. When we consider that the Council has finished its complaints process you can ask us to look your complaint and you can then submit any evidence you feel relevant. But until then I would be grateful if you did not keep emailing us with more information” do not help the first objectives of the original complaints.

There is no outcome from Ealing Council and the Ombudsman has asked me to allow the Council more time to investigate the now six months old issues.

If the deadline was set for the 21st December 2012, it is fair to establish that Ealing Council has been given more than ample opportunities and time to respond.

Since November 2012 the “post” has been moved and new problems have been added to the original matters by Ealing Council.

I would like to point out that these new issues are irrelevant to the original complaints and, as a matter of fact, I have not requested the Ombudsman to address them.

As from the end of November 2012, the European Commission has been informed of a number of illicit stands taken by Ealing Council and a full complaint to the Commission of the European Communities concerning failure by Ealing Council to comply with Community law will be sent out in a few days (they are also asking for the Ombudsman details).

I am enclosing my very last correspondence addressed to Ealing Council and other interested parties. The issues raised are of a legal nature and, in my opinion, outside the Ombudsman authority. It is for this reason, please, that I am asking the Ombudsman to press on the Ealing Council to address and respond fully and professionally to original complaints at the earliest possible time as any further delays will continue to be considerably harmful to the well-being of my 91 years old mother.

The words fully and professionally are very important because even Ealing Council very last correspondence displays so much utter non-sense that is unbelievably challenging to anyone’s intellect and common sense.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully